Once upon a time, a organ student was supposed to spend hours working on a Bach’s fugue. But he could not manage to keep on task… To not become crazy, he was taking up improvising instead of working seriously. Then, as he was not Pierre Cochereau nor Keith Jarrett – not even now – he felt the need to write down some ideas in order to try to develop them on paper. Later on, he felt in love with a girl that inspired him his first true composition (I mean not based on an improvisation but based on a thought, on the letters of her first name to be exact). And they lived happily ever aft… No ! They broke, but this is how all started…

You can listen to my music here, or download sample scores here.
You can also click here to have an overview of my work (lasts 15 minutes).

My work as a composer includes :
– Creating original compositions, mainly for choirs, soloists and dance companies as well.
– Arranging or harmonizing existing tunes, mainly for choirs.
– Orchestrating pieces or reducing existing orchestration to meet the needs of a concert.

I have been commissioned by :
– individuals (for a wedding, funerals, birth or birthday),
– composers/bands (help for arrangement, orchestration to fit the band),
– administrations (birthday of a choir, centenary of a church, festival or special event or no special event at all).

Craziest thing I have been commissioned for: arranging a song by Barbara (60’s-80’s French singer) for a baroque orchestra with a taste of Astor Piazolla…

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