I’ve been interested in Space since my childhood and my double background, scientific and musical, has naturally lead me to study the relations between Astronomy and Music. I’ve spent months and months working on this and I’m proud to announce that a lecture on the subject is ready!

From mathematical basements and philosophical speculations in Ancient Greece to contemporary musical experiments, Music and Astronomy are closely tied together. Through quotations, analyses and music samples, this lecture will tell you about 2500 years of links, sometimes surprising.

I will be happy to give this presentation anywhere, in French or English. Let it know around you and contact me if you’re interested.  🙂 


Duration: 1h30 (can be adapted)

Listeners: All kinds of music lovers > 16 yo – A special version for young teenagers may be available.

3 thoughts on “Lecture about the Music of the Spheres, upon request

  1. Richard Rivault says:

    Bonjour Stéphan
    Bravo pour ce sujet passionnant que j ai également commencé à étudier avec mes professeurs de Musicologie en Sorbonne.
    Bien cordialement.
    Richard Rivault

  2. BROIHANNE Laurent says:

    Merci encore pour cette passionnante conférence sur la musique des sphères donnée à la SACA le 6/10/23.
    Il faudrait pouvoir l’écouter plusieurs fois ! A quand un livre sur ce thème ?

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